Partner Meeting in Brussels Highlights Importance of Active Citizenship

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PACIFY-D: Last TPM - Transnational Partner Meeting in K-MOP Policy Center Office in Bruxelles.

Publication date: 3/21/2024

**PACIFY-D | Promoting the Active Citizenship oF Youth through Diplomacy: ** Brussels, renowned as the heart of European politics, recently hosted our final TPM - Trasnational Partner Meeting in K-MOP Policy Center Office. The gathering, attended by all the partners, underscored the crucial role of citizens' engagement in shaping democratic processes and fostering social cohesion. The meeting aimed to finalize the project, revise the results and explore strategies to empower citizens to become active participants in their communities and societies. One of the focal points of the discussions was the need for inclusive and participatory approaches to policymaking and the importance of creating platforms or spaces like Country Info Point where citizens from diverse backgrounds could voice their concerns, contribute ideas, and collaborate with policymakers to address community issues. Moreover, the meeting highlighted the significance of civic education in nurturing a culture of active citizenship from an early age. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values, education plays a pivotal role in empowering citizens to understand their rights and responsibilities, critically engage with societal issues, and advocate for positive change.

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Partners: University of Pecs, ALDA, K- MOP, K-MOP Policy Center, Interarts Foundation